Our Mission - Empowering women

The Women's Athletic Initiative is dedicated to empowering the women of Connecticut. It is our belief that women are capable of accomplishing great things. We realize the struggles they face and we are committed to helping them overcome them. 


While women have come a long way in gaining equality in most areas, obstacles still remain. Equal pay, educational opportunities, adequate healthcare, affordable and safe housing, are just some of the issues women continue to struggle with. Sadly, many women are facing these issues alone as single parents. Connecticut has five cities that rank in the top 101 cities for single parents. Hartford is currently second. It's imperative that women in this state are given the necessary tools to help improve their lives. They are responsible for the next generation, and girls growing up should have access to every opportunity, but in order for mothers to teach their daughters, they have to be empowered.


Statistics show that girls, or women who participate in organized sports, excel in the board room