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The Women's Athletic Initiative is dedicated to empowering the women of Connecticut. We realize the struggles they face, and  are committed to helping them overcome them. It is our believe that women, when given the tools and opportunities, are capable of accomplishing great things.

Women have come a long way in gaining equality in most areas, but obstacles still remain. Equal pay, career opportunities, and sports are some of the areas where equality is still an issue. Sadly, many women are facing these issues alone as single parents. Connecticut has five cities that rank in the top 101 cities for single parents. It's imperative that women in this state are given the necessary tools to help improve their lives, and the lives of their families. They are responsible for the next generation. 

Statistics show that girls and women who participate in organized sports:

~ are more likely to achieve academic success than those who do not play sports; female high school athletes expressed a greater interest in graduating from both high school and college;  female athletes from ethnic minority groups reported better school grades and greater involvement in extra-curricular activities than non-athletes, and in some cases are considerably less likely to drop-out of school


~ perform better in science and mathematics


~ Excel in the boardroom.


( stats from: World Health Organization)

We are based in Windsor, CT. We gained tax exempt status on July 3,2014